What is Sugar Dating?

Sugar Dating is best described as mutually beneficial, no strings attached dating. It is the fastest growing type of dating and has seen explosion in participants mainly due to the acceptance and popularity of sugar daddy dating websites. It has been covered extensively in the media on shows like Dateline, 20/20, Dr. Phil, Tyra Banks, CNN, and in publications ranging from New York Times to the Huffington Post. 

Our Detailed Definition of Sugar Dating

‘Sugar dating’ is upfront, casual dating. Men and women express want they want out of the relationship in terms of romance, fun, adventure and fulfillment of each others needs up front. Those needs could be the desire to feel young, sexy, attractive, wanted, important, or be the gratification of intimate pleasures which may or may not include sexuality.

Fun and enjoyment is always at the cornerstone of the relationship. The Sugar Daddy’s ability to spend money on the dating experience and in the relationship is essential. This can come in any form including cash, clothes, computers, allowances, gifts, paying bills, tuition, cars, rent, puppies, or other gifts. Financial assistance or help through connections or teaching are, more often than not, part of the equation. Friendship and enjoyment of each others companionship is necessary for ongoing sugar dating. Spoiling by both parties in a mutually beneficial and uncomplicated arrangement is paramount.

There is no set requirement and every aspect of the sugar dating relationship is agreed upon by both adults throughout the friendship. Other aspects of the relationship may include, mentoring, employment, connections, referrals and status each may achieve through knowing one another. Sugar Dating is merely a term to express that the lifestyle is geared towards people who have an appreciation for the finer things in life. Love and deep commitment may happen, but fun, spoiling and adventure is the focus and how it gets to that level. 

Sugar dating is all about 100% fun, carefree, and exciting relationships! Expectations by both the sugar baby and sugar daddy are set upfront.

Women wish for stability, support, mentoring, and to experience the finer things in life. They enjoy spending time with an interesting and affluent gentleman. Men crave attention, stimulating conversation, and the company of a beautiful and adventurous woman. Together these desires construct a mutually beneficial union that has endless possibilities.

There is a misconception in society as to exactly what being a sugar daddy (male who spoils a younger girl) or sugar baby (a girl who gets spoiled by a successful gentleman) is all about.. Knowing the difference between the hype and the facts makes all the difference.

‘Sugar Daddy’ is a term of affection for a successful man who takes an interest in improving women’s lives.

Sugar Daddies are no longer old or necessarily excessively wealthy. They come from all walks of life and can be any age. Being a Sugar Daddy is more of a mind set than anything else. Its about being generous, kind, classy, experienced and interesting. Confidence and generosity are the two things that get a woman’s attention the quickest.

A ‘Sugar Baby’ is an attractive young women who truly enjoys the company of an older successful man.

A Sugar Baby works hard to create value for a gentleman with her friendship. They are not gold diggers, divas, or women of low morals. Intelligence, class, education, and a sense of adventure are important attributes. A Sugar Baby should want to better herself whether it be with education, life experience, or connections. She should communicate her dreams, desires and goals to her Sugar Daddy. Sugar Babies should never ask for or demand money or gifts on a first meeting (or ever really) and should always be thankful for what her daddy has done for her!

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