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This is not a dating website. This is a sexy party by sexy girls with hot, naughty girls.

8626770_lThis is for selected gentlemen only!  This page is about an exclusive sugar party in Miami, Florida.  One of us hot, bisexual, naughty and naked girls felt you could be a fit for our sexy brand of fun.   If you are a guy that can’t believe that women can throw sugar parties, sugar vacations, or own sugar matchmaking and sugarthreesomes please go away. For this is not the event for you. If you want to be part of this ultra sexy and completely naughty fun we want you.  No, we really want you!   Boys want to talk. Real men take action!  We prefer men who are open to more than one woman and not those who fixate on just one. (after all we own the only way to get matched for a sugarthreesome!) All of my girls are extremely hot and if you get into the party you will have choice of over 50 sexy and playful women.sssshh

The party is 9:00 PM Wednesday, January 27, 2016 at a beautiful home on the water in Miami Beach & ends around 3am.6565464_l

If you are accepted, we will give you a password to get in and the address to the party, 3 days prior.  The code is for you and you only.   The only thing you need to decide is what you want to be at the party.  An attendee, a player or a King.  If you think you are a good fit email and tell her what you want.  There is NO admission, but this is a sugar party so only generous men will be accepted.  Attendees our basic level make a general donation of $199 to party supplies like liquor, food etc. (or do something that shows you are a fit) 2-women-kissing-man1 They are given access to main rooms and 15959094_lsee sexy fun.  Players make a donation they choose and if accepted have access to ALL rooms including naughty naked hot tub, naked bedrooms, pools, secret dungeons, plus get VIP topless cocktail service, 90 day membership to sugar matchmaking, 30 day membership to sugar threesomes, secret sugar tips, and an invite to one other party.   The King gets all this plus two smoking hot babies by his side the entire night.  We all know there can only be ONE KING.  Oh and the King’s sugar memberships are good for one year.  So what are you an attendee, a player or The King? Email to choose.  Want to sponsor naughty, naked cocktail waitress, topless DJ or other suprises?  That is the type of man we want to mix, party, play and ………. with.   🙂 muah! 12063457_l